Legal Nurse Sleuth LLC

"I am glad of all details, whether they seem to you to be relevant or not."
Sherlock Holmes


Legal Nurse Consultants serve a multitude of roles in the legal arena, and can work with either plaintiff or defense. 




  • Create a "STORYBOOK" of the medical records: A medical chronology/Synopsis that includes the medical text, accompanied by definitions, pictures, and explanations
  • Review, analyze, and interpret healthcare records
  • Screen cases for MERIT
  • Assess records for completeness


  • ACT AS A LIASON between healthcare providers, clients, families, and the legal team. The legal system can be very intimidating to healthcare providers; having a nurse on the legal team can help alleviate their anxiety.
  • Nurses are trained and experienced in dealing with people in emotional states, and are a valuable asset when talking with clients and families. Nurses are also adept at picking up subtle behavioral clues and nuances. 

  • RESEARCH medical information and literature
  • Prepare report summaries of this information that enhances the legal teams understanding of the matters.
  • Assist with discovery
  • Assist in preparation and response to interrogatories
  • Identify, adherence to, "Standards of Care"


  • Attend mediation meetings
  • Educate the participants on medical related matters
  • Clarify information so that the participants can make informed decisions

  • EDUCATE THE LEGAL TEAM to assist them in comprehending healthcare related topics, understanding medical terminology, and grasping the implications of medical events
  • The Big Picture: Tie in healthcare information, medical care, pathophysiology, client history, and patient outcomes, to see how it all pieces together


  • Locate and vet expert witnesses
  • Conference with potential experts
  • Attend Independent Medical Examinations (IME's) with clients
  • Prepare summaries of (IME's)
  • Assist with witness preparation
  • Prepare and manage exhibits
  • Attend and assist with trial